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Stop Your Bitchin'

Keith complains alot. His friends and family don't want to hear his crap so Stop Your Bitchin' was born. Sometimes others join in to add their own bitchin' to the show, and Keith's wife sometimes joins in to calm him down. Give it a listen, you might not hate it.

Jul 2, 2009

It didn't go just as planned, but the show got done. If you don't care about cars you can skip that part of the show because it goes on for a while. But not to worry, there is a good call from C.B., some annoying things about going to the ATM, commercials that need to go away, stupid audio from Rush Limbaugh, idiots calling 911, and Dumbasses In The News to go along with my list of some of the worst cars ever built. Now that is alot of crap all packed into slightly over an hour, and plus it's free. So stop complaining. Please subscribe to the show at iTunes. You can call the show at (206) 350-0592 or send e-mails to, and don't forget to listen to me on the Insignificast podcast.

over fifteen years ago

Thanks Keith! That was my favorite SYB so far.
You\'re not gonna let Ern sit in with you, are ya?