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Stop Your Bitchin'

Keith complains alot. His friends and family don't want to hear his crap so Stop Your Bitchin' was born. Sometimes others join in to add their own bitchin' to the show, and Keith's wife sometimes joins in to calm him down. Give it a listen, you might not hate it.

Dec 1, 2009

The long awaited 10th show is finally here. With Tim from the world famous For Whatever Reason podcast keeping the show mistake free, Ken e-mails to say the show can get you laid if you just start bitchin', C.B. doubles his comment line pleasure, and Sam is pissed at horny old men. Find out all about pareidolla, and what the hell is happening to podcasts. To join in the fun call the comment line at (206) 350-0592, or send your e-mails to