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Stop Your Bitchin'

Keith complains alot. His friends and family don't want to hear his crap so Stop Your Bitchin' was born. Sometimes others join in to add their own bitchin' to the show, and Keith's wife sometimes joins in to calm him down. Give it a listen, you might not hate it.

Oct 20, 2009

I'm finally back with an extended show for you. Find out why I haven't done a show in 2 months. There is an e-mail from Ken and calls from C.B. and Sam. Also what I hate about speed bumps, stupid news, and you can play "do you see a virgin in the bird poop". It's good to be back so call or e-mail me and I'll try not to go 2 months without doing the next show.  The comment line is (206) 350-0592, and you can e-mail me at

over eight years ago

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fourteen and a half years ago

Just a point of clarification: the city is Dacula, not Dracula. It\'s pronounced Duh - Q - Luh. It\'s a common mistake, particularly for people from out of town. And now you have proof that I listened to the show. = )